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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Virtual Racing and Coaching

This weekend I ran in my first Virtual Race. For those who don't know, these are races that are set up by different people/groups anyone can sign up, you run the set distance, time yourself and submit the time to an e-mail/website/Facebook account.
Sometimes there are prizes, almost always you can purchase bling;)
This particular run was a 5k, the Cupcake Classic to be exact, run a 5k eat a cupcake! Really what's better??
First I had recently updated my Map My Run app on my iPhone and discovered there is now a coaching option!?!? I figured what better time to try this option out than a timed race.
We took off and due to the cold, I think, we were going at way to fast a pace for us. Slowed down a bit and that fancy little "coach" kept me on track for the time I had entered that I wanted to finish in!
I beat my 5k time by a little over a full minute, this after not being able to convince my mind to do so on my own. I guess I just needed that little robotic voice to tell me to move my *ss.
So aside from missing the thrill of being around hundreds to thousands of people for a race, I think I'm a fan. I will be doing a Winter Runnerland virtual 5k in January. I'm looking forward to breaking my PR again:)
Plus, the bling is cute!
Run on:)

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