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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dreading the Treadmill

My nemesis, the TREADMILL, I really can't stand running on it. Living in Indiana makes it nearly impossible to be a runner and not have to run on one at some point during our fabulous winters. The weather gets cold, the roads get covered in snow, the daylight is gone before you get home from work. Excuses excuses I know, but I don't use them to not run (just complain;) I still get my run on. I still get outside, even in the cold and the snow, on the weekends for anything over 3.5 miles. Today I ran my longest treadmill run at 3 miles, it was so incredibly boring, nothing to look at no one to talk to. I did it though, all 3 of them. I'm proud and I know I can do it now so there goes that excuse:).

I'm serious about my half marathon training for the first 6 months of the year, then I go right into Marathon training and to do this I am going to have to run on the treadmill. These are things that I more than WANT to do, I NEED to do them. It's time to take back me, this is how:).
I'm dreading the treadmill but I dread failing more so here I go!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ready to Run

I'm ready to run!

This year is going to be huge! There are a couple of different groups I have entered and luckily they overlap each other. The first is the #13in2013 a variety of distances for me. I still only have eleven of them planned or entered already. I also entered a group to run 500/1000 miles, when I did this I had no misconception that 500 would be difficult. However, last night I was planning out my mileage for training and there are over 850 miles already with nothing planned for June or July other than 2 little 5k's!! I think I'm shooting for 1000 now! WOW that's a lot of mileage for a couple of ladies who didn't run prior to January 2012.

This week we, my sister and I, signed up for our first Full Marathon, I had a tiny freak out just after we pressed enter. Now as a couple of days have passed I'm starting to get more and more excited to do this, even though the Main Event isn't until November. Don't worry lots of training and races will occur prior to then. We're doing a handful of half marathons starting in April and several 10-5k's throughout to keep us conditioned and ready. As far as training goes we have no clue, I think we've decided on Hal Higdons training plan and may even download the app. Although if anyone has suggestions we are open to them!

I'm really just writing today to confirm to myself that I'm ready to run!! Also to make sure there may be one or two people to help hold me accountable:).