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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Runners Bucket List

Okay, so I've been running for not quite a year now and I've decided that I LOVE it!! Running allows me to set aside the most stressful of days and just relax. I don't have to go far, I don't have to go fast, I just HAVE to GO.
I have decided that due to this new love that I have, I would create a Running Bucket List. It's quickly filling up, and each time I think I've convinced myself I have enough it grows. It started simply enough with just running a few 5k's, and as you've read shortly after starting to run I got a yearning to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, so I did. Well if you're a runner you know that's just not enough, so my list grows. I'm signing up for next years Mini, of course to better my time, and then I'm thinking at least one more maybe two half marathons next summer. Then there is the strange need that I feel to do a Sprint Triathlon, and I'm no swimmer. But that's not all, newly added to my Runners Bucket List are two other runs that make me excited and queasy at the same time, a full Marathon (yep 26.2 miles) and a Ragnar relay.
I'm slowly marking things off and I'm sure that the more I mark off the more I will add.
So that's that, my Runners Bucket List, I hope, no I know I can do it. I just have to stay focused and dedicated. I have a fabulous support team in my husband and kids, the pride I will feel in accomplishing any of these races will be great, so I'm off.
Run on:)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goals, Addictions and Aspirations

The more I run, the more I want to run. I feel better, not only physically but emotionally too. I'm a happy momma when I get my endorphin kick;) I have "races" planned for the remainder of this year, several 5k's, nothing long. One pretty scary one for me, a mudrun that makes me nervous with lots of obstacles. I'm rambling, last night during a short 3 miles I came to the realization that I WANT to do a full Marathon, for me, just to do it. I don't want to be fast, I just want to finish. It makes sense to me to get a couple more 1/2 Marathons under my belt, since I've only done one. So my grand plan is to do next years Indianapolis Mini Marathon (2nd time), the half here in good ole Muncie, a sprint triathlon and then start training for the BIG one. I think I can do it and I'm excited!!! Can't wait to start some crazy training:).
Run on:)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running on Empty

For about the past week I have been recovering from a flu-like sickness that left me feeling achy and spent. I don't have time to be sick, I have 5 races in the next 4 months and I'd like to better my PB at each one!
One month until the Muncie MudMan and I can't run. Feeling better on Thursday I tried a short 2 mile jaunt with my friend (who's is also suffering from sickness), we survived, barely. That was the slowest 2 miles I had run since almost the beginning!! So a couple more days off and I tried a Saturday trail run, it was like I was running on empty, no energy, no stamina. Not one to give up my friend and I went out again today and we chopped a minute off of our mile average since Thursday!!! Lungs are coming back, deeper breaths allowed and you know what? I felt pretty good!! My legs really wanted to to faster, my lungs have not been in agreement.
Something I've been working on personally is knowing that I am not running against anyone but myself out there. MY only competition is me, myself and I. I don't run for anyone else anyway, just me, that's why sometimes I do run on empty to remind me that I can do this! I can be who I think I am.
Run on...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Desire to Keep Running

I'm not sure about anyone else but I need a goal, something in front of me to push me to continue. Simply saying I need to do it doesn't always work, I need a goal line, a finish (a ticker tape parade would be great;)). So I've signed up for my first MudRun, 5k of mud and obstacles. I don't think I will fully know or realize what that means until after the fact. I've run in rain, snow and sleet; so what's a little mud, right?!?!
I like knowing that I have to finish something, that I've signed up to do this and there may actually be PEOPLE watching. It makes me push just a little bit harder and strive for just a little bit more. I know what a PB is, I ran track in middle school, the lingo is not lost on me. However, it never really meant anything to me until lately. I want a better time, I don't need a medal. I just want, no I NEED, a better time. I'm not the fastest, don't need to be I'm not 20 anymore, but I do need to beat ME.
I have a desire to keep running, a will that wasn't there before. I hope it's always there:)
Run On!