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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running on Empty

For about the past week I have been recovering from a flu-like sickness that left me feeling achy and spent. I don't have time to be sick, I have 5 races in the next 4 months and I'd like to better my PB at each one!
One month until the Muncie MudMan and I can't run. Feeling better on Thursday I tried a short 2 mile jaunt with my friend (who's is also suffering from sickness), we survived, barely. That was the slowest 2 miles I had run since almost the beginning!! So a couple more days off and I tried a Saturday trail run, it was like I was running on empty, no energy, no stamina. Not one to give up my friend and I went out again today and we chopped a minute off of our mile average since Thursday!!! Lungs are coming back, deeper breaths allowed and you know what? I felt pretty good!! My legs really wanted to to faster, my lungs have not been in agreement.
Something I've been working on personally is knowing that I am not running against anyone but myself out there. MY only competition is me, myself and I. I don't run for anyone else anyway, just me, that's why sometimes I do run on empty to remind me that I can do this! I can be who I think I am.
Run on...

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  1. Be sure to get the rest your body needs! Hope you are feeling better soon.