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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ugh...taking the week off

Right in the middle of training to PR at the Indianapolis Womens Half in August and my hip is acting foolish.  It's my own fault I think, from upping my mileage to quickly.  I rested this last week without doing any stretching or anything to make it better (other than the rest).  Yesterday I did complete 4 miles in the morning with just slight issues the real trouble started today during my 12 mile long run:-/  At about mile 2.5 it really started to talk to me, I could tell I wouldn't be finishing 12 miles of anything today.  Mile 3, turn around and head back home.  :(

I stopped and stretched and tried to continue on but it wasn't going to happen today.  And so, I walked...2 miles back to the car, it was slow and I hated every minute if it.  A couple of times during that 2 miles I attempted to jog very slowly but couldn't keep my pace down and was afraid of injuring myself further.  

I'm making crazy decisions this week, including taking most of the week off.  Just a couple of 2-3 milers this week in hopes that I'll be able to do 13 next weekend.  I'm planning on living in KT tape and investing in a foam roller...any other fantastic ideas!!??

Friday, June 7, 2013

Marathon Training here I come!

It's almost summer, which means its almost Marathon Training time!!  The closer it comes to time the more nervous I get.  I've done 2 Half Mary's this spring and am planning on at least 2 more in the fall prior to the Full in November, but I still feel overwhelmed by the prospect of being on the course for close to 5 hours...  My "plan" consists of training to PR in August for my half, I want to finish in 2:15, I'm not a fast runner.  I feel like if I can do that I will be able to do the full.  

I've made out my training schedule and I think it made my apprehension worse!  From June 9 to November 2 (Marathon Day) I have 656+ miles projected!! That's a HUGE number!  I've laid out my plan and kept most weeks at 4 running days with Sundays as my long run, there are a few weeks that have 5 running days in them (mostly when there are shorter speed work days).  The original plan I was thinking of following had a long run of only 16 miles twice, this made me incredibly nervous, so I combined two plans and now have two different 20 mile long runs.  I haven't decided if that makes me feel better or worse.  Running a Full Marathon is no easy undertaking, if you've done it, you amaze me.  I'm not running until November and I'm already stressing about what kind of fuel I will need and where I will carry said fuel.  I'm stressed about the training and missing things with my family.  They are super supportive and want me to succeed.  It seems that once the longer runs start, the ones that go past the half-marathon mark, I will start to feel better about this endeavor.  

If you have advice feel free to leave it!!