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Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 1st Turkey Trot Recap:)

So much for attempting a 10k on Thanksgiving morning, it just seemed a little daunting. My sister, Stephanie and I are very used to running with absolutely NO elevation. We're in Muncie Indiana where it's almost more than flat. This particular run took place in Henry County, New Castle Indiana where the ground is a bit more rolling.

We didn't get in as many longer than 2-3 mile runs as we had planned and the hills made me nervous. So the 5k it was, and I have to say that on this course (which would've been a loop for the 10k) I am glad that for now that was what we chose. This was a fun run so there were kids and dogs EVERYWHERE!! The first mile was a pretty good pace for us, and that one was up hill! The second mile really got to me, the first half remained uphill and the cold weather was messing with my breathing. I had to walk a couple of times the second mile and that slowed us down a little bit from our first mile time. (If Jeff Galloway can walk so can I!! :)) The last mile was mostly downhill so we picked up a little time but didn't want to pull anything so we didn't overuse the downhill portion. I ended up with a PR for my 5k and Stephanie was right at her best but she's sweet and waited on me when I walked (thanks sister). All in all I was really happy with the outcome especially when I compared the elevation of the trail we usually run to the path we ran today!

I'm excited to try and really break that PR next weekend when we run the Red Nose Run along the White River.

Along with these back to back 5k's we are going to be running a Christmas Eve 5k in Shelbyville while our sister Leah is visiting over Christmas, she's quite a bit faster than both of us so we will be starting together but likely finishing separately:) I have also decided that this Runners World Streak thing sounds like a fabulous plan and will be completing at least one mile a day until Christmas, hopefully this will help keep me on track for the winter and the holidays. The first of the year I will start training for the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon for the second time and will hopefully be MUCH more prepared for that than I was last year!! 😀

Here's to the holidays!! #runon #runhappy

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gobble Gobble Run:)

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. My lack of motivation has seeped into my writing as well. It's strange really, I feel motivated I'm just not doing anything to act on it. I was sick with respiratory issues this week and that cut drastically into any running I had planned, considering I couldn't breathe standing still. I'm supposed to run a 10k Turkey Trot this Thursday, and 6 miles is sounding very daunting as the day draws near. This morning was chilly but beautiful and Stephanie and I were able to get almost 3.5 miles in, it felt long and our pace was slow.

The plan is to try for 5 tomorrow and see how our pace is feeling, see if a 10k seems feasible or if the shorter but just as rewarding 5k is up our alley for later this week.

Just reminding myself, I guess, that I'm in this for the long haul. I'm running to/for my health and I just have to remember that I'm still lapping the couch potatoes.
#runon #runhappy #turkeytrot

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winter Slump, in the Fall...

Two weeks ago I PR'd my 5k! And then I stopped, well I guess I didn't stop but I certainly didn't continue... I ran 1 lousy mile between October 21 and today. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this but it didn't really register until I logged my miles today and saw the evidence (or lack thereof).

So today I'm promising myself that the weather, darkness & freezing temps here in Indiana won't stop me from running!! I have a dreadmill (treadmill) as much as I hate it I think it is going to have to become my best friend through this winter. This is a new venture for me, as I haven't run through the holidays but am looking forward to keeping myself disciplined enough to do so.

It seems like this time of year, (whether you are truly busy or not) you are busy!! The days are so very short, of course by that I mean daylight's cold and often times dreary, shopping and family dinners galore!! It's a hard time to stay focused and on task. But....
I'm worth it so I will do it.

So I'm making out my schedule tonight, the dreadmill will become my friend and I will reserve Saturday mornings for my long runs!!! #runon #runhappy