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Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Shoes:)

It was time. I had put over 300 miles on my Brooks, time to look into new shoes to transition into. I had been hearing about these "minimalist" shoes and did some research, they seemed to make sense.
I went to my favorite runners store and while the helpful young man looked up my info I told him I had been thinking of transitioning to the minimalist. He talked them up being a fan of them himself, which helped convince me they were worth a try.
It seemed like I had placed tiny clouds on my feet, Brooks Pure Flow is what they actually were. I ran the little track and although they felt different, they felt wonderful!!
Well I bought those fluffy little shoes right up and went home to put them on immediately. I wanted to test walk them for a couple of hours before running in them. So after walking around it was time for the true test, I went out and ran a quick 2 miles. New shoes are always different, these were no exception. It was like muscles I had never used we're woken up and as tight as they felt while running I never felt sore afterwards. I think I'm in love.
I Have very happy feet and am looking forward to the move into my New Shoes and logging many miles.
Run on:)

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