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Saturday, October 6, 2012

MudMan Recap

I did it! I finished the Muncie MudMan, and it was hard. It was a blast but to be honest I probably only ran about half of the time. But I would totally do it again!!
There were over 15 obstacles, aside from the rain and 45 degree temperature already working against the runners. We started off with a short run through some knee high grass, into a pit of mud that almost sucked my shoes off. Next we traveled into what used to be a small creek/drainage ditch but was now kind of a raging creek/small river type thing that came up to my thighs!! (This went on for about a hundred yards.) I was frozen and terrified I was going to slip on some fallen wet leaves or branches and break or sprain something...
Into the woods, up a hill made of pure mud with no foot holds, yep pulled ourselves up by a rope:). There were some fun obstacles that made me really appreciate our armed forces and police officers, S.W.A.T. Training grounds... Thank You for all you do!!!
At a couple of points I really thought I might quit, but I really wanted that medal, I love my racing bling:) So I finished, and I got my bling! And I am so very proud of myself:)
Run on:)

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