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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

️Running Vs. Jogging?

It took me a long time to convince myself that I was a runner. I didn't feel worthy, fast enough, experienced enough...
Then one day I realized: IF you run, you ARE a runner. It's that simple. 
Let's step back and put a bit of perspective on this argument. If I'm running a 10 minute mile and that's as fast as I can go, like even if a bear is chasing me, I'm running. To my neighbor who is a Boston Qualifier with a sub 8 min mile, I may as well be standing still. But Wait!! Let's put my neighbor, who is blowing me out of the proverbial water, next to Shalane or Kara maybe Meb? Suddenly they are standing still at that crazy fast pace we just spoke of, of less than 8 min miles. 
Who are you to judge my pace? I'm racing me not you, just as you should be racing you. (Unless you are one of the aforementioned runners above, then race each other!) Pace is relative, you don't know my struggle, just don't tell me I'm jogging...

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