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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Grays: Staying motivated?

In all honesty I don't know how on earth these die hards are running when it's below 20 plus 20-30 mph winds!! I've managed a few outside runs, snow covered bike trails, cold noses, wind burnt cheeks...and we know how I feel about treadmills.  
It was a blast running in the snow and a great workout for my quads, lots of high knees;) 
However, since my last 9 miles in the snow it's been down right frigid.  (Yeah most of the country knows what I'm talking about.) Negative windchills, gusts of wind in the 30 mph range, it's just nasty. I don't have proper cold weather gear for one and really being outside for anything if it's negative 10 does NOT appeal to me. I do make snow angels if it's above 20 though;) 
I've been cruising pages on FaceBook and listening to my twitter folks who are out there running in the cold and I envy them, I do...but I'm not going out there.  I found a new page called RunVine and it's pretty cool, race reviews done by racers, the goo the bad and the ugly.  Check it out!!
How do you stay motivated in the negative temps? I want to know!!! 

Happy Running!!!

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