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Sunday, May 5, 2013

OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon Recap

I spent most of the week leading up to the Mini agonizing over the weather forecast that I, if course, have no control over. Up until the day before there was anywhere from a 50% to a 70% chance of heavy steady rain all day long. I ran through snow, ice and even some drizzle while training, but hard rain for 13.1 miles?! I had been reading recaps from the Country Music Marathon all week and running in the rain did NOT sound like any fun. Alas, race day came and the skies were gray but the rain never came! It was actually pretty perfect, 55ish temps, overcast, not a lot of wind. Dream running weather for this gal.

I came into this Run with a couple of goals for myself. My second 1/2 marathon ever, I wanted this one to stand on its own. I finished my first half, this same race a year ago, in over 3.5 hours at over a 15.5 min mile pace. So my goals for this were simple:
Goal #1: Don't walk
Goal#2: finish in 2:30 or better
Goal #3: don't get injured
Goal #4: finish strong

I ran all but about 60 seconds of this race! At mile 11 I had a searing side stitch under my right rib, maybe it was dehydration, maybe it was exhaustion, maybe it was my imagination. All I know is it was incredibly painful. I tried to run through it but had to finally walk it out, I decided 60 seconds was all I was giving it, if it still hurt I was just gonna run with it and deal later. I ran 13.1 miles and only walked for 1 minute!!! WHAT?!?! So proud of me:)

You see those numbers right? One minute and 12 seconds off of my goal time! That walking really did me in. Grrrrr!!!
But seriously so close!!! Another shot in August and I'm planning a PR for that:)

No injuries!! Other than that silly side stitch that stole my goal time from me;)

A strong finish. I felt great! I felt like I finished strong. I felt like I sprinted out the last 3 tenth a of the race. Maybe if I had started my sprint a but sooner I could've beat that goal, but I still felt and feel great! My last mile was right around a 10 minute pace, which is huge for me.

All in all I am so proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish at this 1/2. I can't wait to try again and just have fun. As much as I like to challenge myself getting a PR is not why I run. I run for fun.

Run Happy

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on a great race! What an improvement over last year! You should be very proud!!! You'll get that goal next time! This is still a PR, even if you didn't hit your goal time!