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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Geist Half Marathon Re-Cap

Wow! So many things to say about this course.  I have only been a runner for about a year and a half, but I have heard about this course a couple of times from people I know.  Most if not everyone I've ever talked to about this course says, if you're a runner you should do it, but you'll only do it once.  This course is basically up and down hills the entire time.  This year my lovely and beautiful sister works for one of the captain sponsors (Ameriana Bank) of the race and we had the option to do it, and for no cost.  It just so happens that the Geist Half is always 2 weeks after the Indianapolis Mini, of which we were already signed up.  So there you have it, 2 half marathons in 2 weeks.  

We debated for a couple of weeks whether we would/should/could do this and finally came to the conclusion that if the day came and we weren't feeling it we could always back out. Ha!! I had told too many people about this race and backing out was not an option. 

I couldn't sleep and ended up with probably 4 hours of restless sleep before having to get up bright and early at 5 a.m. I went into this run with no expectations of doing well, I just wanted to finish:). We arrived and walked approximately a half a mile to the start line, this is so much smaller than the Mini (35,000 at the mini not quite 3000 at this race.)  The time started promptly at 7:00 and right off we are headed uphill.  

At mile 1 we were running our pace that we started the mini at and felt really good.  I checked again at mile 3 and somehow through the hills we were still keeping our flat course pace on these crazy hills.  (There was basically no running between the mini and today so as I said before NO delusions of doing well.)  When we reached the halfway point I checked our pace again, yep, still keeping up with the Joneses.  At this point I mentioned to Stephanie that it was possible that we were going to be close to our mini time (which was a PR for both of us). 

Mile 11.5
The rain came and I must say I've never been happier to see or feel rain!  It was so humid and hot this morning I felt like it was raining before the rain started.  It rained for about a mile and that gave me a little rejuvenation.  Stephanie took off at mile 12 but I wasn't quite ready, at about 12.5 I upped my game and hightailed it the last half mile.  I finished a half marathon made up entirely of hills in 30 seconds longer than it took me to finish a flat course!! 

Does this mean that I didn't give my all at the Mini in May, or that I just had a really great run day today?  


  1. I think this means you need to sign up for another 1/2 marathon immediately! That way we can really assess ;)
    You did great!!! Congrats on another great race!

    1. Haha I wish I had the money to do so!!! Guess we will have to wait until August and see then:)

  2. Oh and I think I want to do this again!!