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Monday, March 18, 2013

Shamrock Run recap

This weekend I completed my first non-virtual 5k of the year. I like virtual races because I still get to better my time and I have to report it to someone other than myself. (And of course there is the race bling.) That being said I really push myself a lot harder when I'm surrounded by other runners.

I ran a local Shamrock Run here in Indiana. I usually run these with my sister, she is my running partner, she was in Bloomington this weekend so I was planning on running with another friend of mine. It was chilly in the morning only about 33 degrees outside, we arrived went and registered got our tech shirts and goodies. While we were waiting for the start, trying to keep warm, my friend said she would try to stay with me.

Once the race started we took off, I had to stop and adjust my socks about 100 yards in and it was then that my friend said I should go on without her. I took off and somehow between the yelling crowd and runners I missed my little running lady talk to me about my first mile. I kept going at what felt like a comfortable pace and when the lady spoke to me at mile 2, I almost passed out. :) I was running at a 10:15 pace! (My normal pace is 11:20 for a 5k!!!).

I kept that pace through the end and finished with a PR 2 minutes faster than my fastest one. :) so happy and so proud of myself!!

I know I can better that time. I just have to keep working and keep running.

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  1. Great Job on the PR!!!!

    1. FYI - tagged you in my post for a Liebster Award.