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Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 recap: How I feel about failingšŸ˜Œ

Wow!! I can't believe that 2013 is almost over, it seems like I just wrote my goals for the year and now it time for next year!! My how time  flies when you're having fun!! I've had a great year; set some PR's, had some fun, made new runner friends & started a local chapter of MRTT (Moms Run This Town).  Looking back has it advantages:) 
I set a new 5k PR (32:15) this year in March and chased it sheepishly throughout the year.  Though I really yearn for a sub 30! My half marathon record fell as well at the Indy Mini my new 1/2 PR is 2:31:12 this is a full hour faster than my prior PR and that makes me ecstatic! I set a PR in the full marathon as well, it was my first and so far only, 5:59:13.  I REALLY wanted to finish in 5:30 but it was my first and I was so unsure of what to expect after mile 22, I'm thrilled to have finished!! Since the full I've been working on getting faster, I'm excited to write out my goals for next season and can't wait to share them.  In the meantime a breakdown of 2013's goals and outcomes.  Happy Reading, Happy Running!!! 

My goals from last year: 
1: Run 13 in 2013 
I ran 12 races, I was injured for 6 weeks and missed 2 scheduled races and 1 I kind Of slept through:-/ 
2. I wanted to log 1000 miles (running) this year. 
Being injured or 6 weeks really took a toll on my mileage.  I'm going to end up just over 800, considering the year I'm very happy with that!! (Considering my total for 2012 was no where near this I am thrilled!) 
3. I wanted to eat better, I've never been a believer in diets but nutrition. 
I did fantastic with this during the first half of the year...and then I started Marathon training! Wow that makes a girl RUNGRY. 
4. More sleep
I am so very bad about getting good sleep.  
5. Patience 
I have really been working on this and when I'm getting regular running in I am a much more patient mom and wife. 
6. Spending time with friends 
I did manage to make some new friends and spend some time with them and some of my oldies as well:) it's fantastic to make new friends with similar interests!! 
7. Time with the Hubs
I (and he) still really need to work on this!!!

All in all I think personally that I had a pretty stellar year, for me. šŸ˜†


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