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Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's been a rough few weeks, I have literally ran .75 of a mile since June 29.  
My hope was to run with my Moms Run This Town girls last weekend for their 5k, I walked it.  Well I ran 7/10th's of a mile and walked the rest.  The ONLY time my hip hurts is while I'm running!!! See previous post for injury. 

It turns out that I didn't run AT ALL the first week, my hip was so very sore.  I haven't done any running since the injury other than the attempted run last weekend.  

I've been doing lots of strength training and this week I've spent several miles on the elliptical.  My hip is feeling a ton better!! I saw my massage therapist and upon manipulation she feels it's a strain in my Iliopsoas and that it's likely from OVERTRAINING ugh...  The good news is that at the same time she also told me 3-4 weeks off and that means this Saturday I'm going out for a RUN.  
I can't wait, and it's funny because just a year and a half ago I had to talk myself into going out to run a mile! 

I've been stretching, strengthening, icing and foam rolling, hopefully all of this will pay off and I will be back up and running...literally.  

Have you ever been sidelined? What did you do to keep your sanity? 

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