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Friday, February 1, 2013

Goal setting~Goal getting

It's the end of January, the year has officially started and is in full swing. I've never really been one for resolutions and why start now? Instead I set out some goals for me for 2013, I have a few mostly health related.

1. I want to run #13in2013, that's 13 different races in twelve months.
2. I also want to log 1000 miles (running) this year.
3. I want to eat better, I've never been a believer in diets but nutrition.
4. More sleep!!!
5. More patience!
6. Spend time with friends
7. More quality time with hubby

Since its the end of the month I sat down to evaluate what I've been doing and where I need help!! I've managed to run 2 of my 13 races in January, if I keep that up I will crush my goal of 13. After my run yesterday I checked my #runkeeper and I've logged 50 miles! This isn't where I want to be but it's so far from where I was last January, (sitting on the couch eating ice cream WATCHING the Biggest Loser). I'm okay with 50 miles and have goals for each month to help me reach the end:).

Since I don't believe in Dieting, the first 3 letters say it all, I have been eating better and less. I keep track of all of my food on #myfitnesspal and that is a lifesaver. I've added more lean protein and salads to my meals, taking my lunch to work helps a lot!! Sleep is a challenge for me, I've never felt like I needed as much, but now that I'm older and wiser I know that I NEED more. I'm trying to be in bed by 10 and most nights it works, I have some cant miss TV that's on a bit later though;). My last three goals are definitely still a work in process and I look forward to working on them and building my relationships.

I am pleased with where I am and where I'm going, it's a journey make it what you wish!! :)

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