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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up:)

Wow, it's been awhile!! I know I was injured and I was feeling blah about running because of it.  Well good news for me:). On August 2 I started running again!!! Slowly and with walk breaks but run I did!  I had a 5k on the 10th that I really wanted to do, it is put on by my dad and the Gaston Lions Club during the local fair, so my goal was to be able to finish the 5k not fast and not in search of a PR.  
(I also had a plan to start a run streak on the 10th of August, depending on how I felt.)  
I ran about every other day until the 10th, 2-3 miles each day and surprised myself by only being about a minute slower on average. The morning of the race I always help with registration and making sure everyone knows where to go so I was there at 6 A.M.  The race started at 9 so I was good and tired by then.  It was hot and the course was sunny the while way, I finished and I didn't have my worse time!    
I have had a great week this week, I win a Camelbak during RunChat, a pair of sweat pink laces and a pair of Swiftwick socks from 0to26point2!!! I am stoked to train:) I've got one race before I concentrate on "the big one" the Indianapolis Womens Half on August 31.  
And then it's time to train for a Marathon.  It's going to be hard and hot and long and I'm certain I'll have days that I don't want to do it.  I also know that I can!! 
More on that later:)

Run Happy Everyone!!!!

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