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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Running 13 in 2013

As I have blogged before, I am on a goal/mission to complete a Full Marathon in 2013. While on twitter one day I stumbled upon this fabulous "challenge" to run 13 races in 2013! At first I wasn't sure that I could/would join, there were several options but each one was the same race distances, like 13 5k's or 13 half marathons, and I knew I would be running several different distances. I checked back the next day, because I'm slightly obsessed with challenging myself, there was now a Variety option!!!!

Of course I signed up, I was pretty certain I already had about 6 races on my schedule. I put my name on the list and felt almost giddy with joy knowing that I was committed to fulfilling more of my goals next year:). I started going through my race calendar and I was already planning on 11 runs, not 6!!!! My first thought was, "WOW I really am a runner, I don't even realize how much I'm running anymore!" My second thought was, can I really do this? I only ran in about 6 races in 2012, 7 after Christmas Eve:), the training was less than easy but not quite hard. However, in 2012 I only ran 1 half marathon, 1! In 2013 I'm planning on at least 3 half marathons and my first full marathon!!! It's all about mind over matter for me so if I stay focused I know I can do this:).
Here's a list of what races I have planned or have already signed up for:

January 1 - virtual run 5k
January 31 - virtual 5k to honor Sandy Hook
February - valentines 5k
March 16 - Shamrock run 10k
April 6- Henry County Half Marathon
May 4- Indianapolis Mini Marathon
May 18- Dirty Girl 5k
June -
July 20- Color Run 5k
August - Gaston Lions Club 5k
September - Indianapolis Womens Half
October -
November - Indianapolis Monumental Full Marathon
December -

There are a couple of other virtual runs that I completed this year that I will likely do again, like @runwithjess #cupcakerun.

I'm really looking forward to rocking this year!!

#runon #runhappy #13in2013


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower. It seems we have a lot of similar goals. I might be running my first full marathon this year as well. Not COMPLETELY sure, though :). Good luck and I look forward to reading about the journey and training!

    1. Thanks:) and bear with me as I'm new to the blogging world:). Good luck to you as we'll and a Full is something I'm not certain I'm ready for but ready to try:)